A tried-and-true way to connect celebrities with fans/VIPs

Ready to set your client’s campaign or event above the rest? Bring your story to life by transforming content from social media campaigns and customers into a story you can tell across any screen in real-time with our digital autographing solution.

Had so many events, know what can go wrong and
how to make things smooth and easy

The Problem Defined

Promoting brand awareness online has its challenges. Partnering with a celebrity or social influencer may produce short term results but the strategy is fundamentally flawed. A typical social media campaign lasts just a few days before engagement declines. Celebrity outreach on social media can also feel inauthentic if their page is managed by a third party.

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Fangage is helping sports teams create unique campaigns to reward fans, season ticket holders, nurses, frontline workers, first responders, and more. Having two-way communication between fans and celebrities offers memorable moments for everyone, including those who may not have the convenience for in-person events.

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Accelerate asset delivery from cameras to social media with real-time, automated media distribution to increase fan engagement on social media during and after live sports events

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Fangage serves as the platform to connect fans all over the world with their favorite celebrities and athletes. Fans easily and securely upload their favorite photos to the celebrity's Fangage portal where they will be signed and personalized LIVE. The Fangage platform is revolutionizing the way fans and celebrities interact allowing for a more convenient and personal experience for everyone!

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Live autograph sessions and Q&A have traditionally been in a public setting, which is affected by time constraints and the celebrity's schedule. For athletes, doing live events from home has proven to be more convenient, allowing for more time to spend in the gym, watching film, or time with the family.

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The Solution

Fangage connects influencers, brands, and fans.

Go directly to the source: empower your biggest supporters and most popular influencers to spread your message authentically and personally to people that listen to them.

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How It Works

Fangage is a web application for fans and signing application for influencers.

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  1. Select celebrity from our list

    Ready to set your client's campaign or event above the rest?

  2. Choose your photo and
    upload it to us.

    A fan's personal photo will be sent to the influencer

  3. Celebrity will digitally sign
    your photo

    Signed, sealed, and digitally delivered to the fan

Started in 2015
Signed photos 20,000+
Signings 100+

We've worked with

  • barclays
  • verizon
  • philadelphia eagles
  • broncos
  • new orleans saints
  • yahoo!
  • tampa bay buccaneers
  • houston texans
  • lions


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